Today we at T S Restaurants celebrate the life and accomplishments of John Alexander Saxten III, the cofounder of T S Restaurants, who we all knew as Sandy.

Sandy and his best friend, Rob Thibaut built their restaurant company, T S Restaurants, based in part, on respect and lifestyle. As in his everyday life, Sandy insisted that each of his employees treat everyone with the utmost respect. Over the decades of Sandy’s involvement in T S Restaurants, he became a mentor and an example to a countless number of employees, teaching them the importance of respect, work ethic, giving back to the community, and making sure to have fun along the way.

I have worked for T S for 37 years. I worked side-by-side with Sandy for 20 of those years. We have traveled to many places, vacationed together, built several restaurants, had children and we have had conversations on just about every topic in life. And here’s what I know about Sandy:

Sandy was honest and smart and had the highest personal integrity of anyone I have ever known. He cared deeply about people. He could focus like no one else. Sandy loved his restaurant company and all the people in it. He had a passion for golf and cherished his many friendships. He was passionate, generous, yet humble about giving back to the community, but most of all he loved his family with no boundaries. Family and friendships were two of the most important things to Sandy and today many of them gathered in Del Mar, California to say goodbye to a beloved husband, brother, father, grandfather, uncle and friend.

Sandy’s legacy and his values are still very much a part of T S Restaurants and all those he has touched. Our hope is to honor him by being respectful of others and living a life of integrity as Sandy did.

Bill Parsons
T S Restaurants of Hawaii and California